Monday, May 19, 2008

Free PHP scripts preserve metadata for server-side image resizing processes that use GD

Laura Cotterman has discovered that resizing images on your website using the popular server-side application GD can inadvertently remove metadata from your image files. As there are many widely distributed PHP scripts for image galleries which resize (or watermark) images with GD, this would create a lot of potential "Orphan Works" and Cotterman decided to do something. She wrote a couple of simple functions that can be added to PHP scripts for applications using GD for image resizing so that the IPTC metadata is maintained, and built a website to give them away.

The ImageMetadata website has a full complement of resources, including a "Live Example" where you can test out the functions on one of your own images. These functions are available at no cost under the GNU license and can be downloaded at the ImageMeta website.


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