Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Working towards a seamless photo workflow

The IPTC and IFRA held their First International Photo Metadata conference, titled "Working towards a seamless photo workflow" on June 7, 2007 in Florence, Italy.

The issues discussed in the IPTC Photo Metadata working group White Paper (mentioned below) figured prominently at this event, which attracted over 120 attendees, and was held prior to last week's CEPIC Congress.

The conference keynote was given by Andreas Trampe, head of the photodesk of Stern. Other speakers included photographers such as David Riecks and Peter Krogh, photo and news agencies such as Reuters; representives of standards bodies such as PLUS, IPTC, and IFRA; as well as spokespersons from the photo metadata implementers side, such as Adobe, Apple, Canon, FotoWare, Hasselblad, and Microsoft.

The presentations given by most of the speakers are available online from the Photo Metadata Conference website.

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