Friday, January 26, 2007

IPTC / IFRA organize Global Photo Metadata Conference

A first ever Global Photo Metadata Conference is being organised by IPTC (1) and IFRA (2), and will be hosted by CEPIC (3) in Florence, Italy on Thursday, June 7, 2007.

This is the first time an international conference has been focused exclusively on photo metadata, and should bring together all interested parties in the photo metadata field, from the camera manufacturer to the photographer.

More information about the Conference is available from:

More about the sponsors:
(1) International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) is a consortium of the world's major news agencies, news publishers and news industry vendors. It develops and maintains technical standards for improved news exchange that are used by virtually every major news organization in the world.
(2) Inca-Fiej Research Association or International Association for Newspaper and Media Technology] (IFRA) is the world's leading association for newspaper and media publishing.
(3) Coordination of European Picture Agencies Press Stock Heritage (CEPIC) is a European Economic Interest Group (E.E.I.G) not for profit representing the interests of picture associations, agencies and libraries in Europe, in total 1.053 picture agencies and libraries in Europe, from the smallest to the largest, the sole trader and the global company, covering all aspects of photography, news, stock, heritage.